Alfa x Pasha Cas


Alfa-Bank Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Mariya Mun, Aigul Sapraliyeva


Alfa – is the fastest growing digital bank. Our motto is “For those who love life”

The task:
The goal is to launch PR campaign that will reflect our positioning “For those who love life” so that to attract Kazakhstani people’s attention to our values: love for life, creation of beauty, enjoyment of the things we do

We invited Pasha Cas, worldwide known street artist for his brave and socially important works, to collaborate and create something outstanding together.
This is unusual for bank to collaborate with someone who uses provocative methods to attract attention to social issues. It means that Alfa-Bank culture is brave and progressive, open to any communications, even inconvenient.
Pasha, inspired by our values, created 5 paintings with the common topic “Love for life”

Result (please see the attached pdf :))
We organized the exhibition in Baribayev’s home – art place where Pasha has already created his famous work “A train to bright future”. The guests could enjoy the paintings and participate in painting activities creating their own works
More than 50 artists, musicians and other representatives of art and media visited the exhibition, 50% of all guests were journalists and bloggers, who told about the event for free.
As a result we reached 2,5 mln people with this PR campaign with zero cost.
Moreover we organized the exhibition inside our office for employees to inspire them and tell about the collaboration.Employees told about the event in their Instagram accounts so additional 3000 people learned about the campaignNow the paintings are hanging on the walls in our office. So our employees, partners and guests can also enjoy Pasha’s paintings and contemplate about love for life

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