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Tlesbayeva Nilyufar (Project Leader), Bissaliyev Nurzhan (SMM Manager), BRAVE TALENTS LLP: Zhali Almas (General Director, Founder)


In October 2019, Alfa-Bank launched a new product - Alfa Black Installment Card.

Alfa-Bank Marketing team’s target was to ensure the synergy of digital promotion tools for this product with other advertising tools of the Bank in order to build global awareness of Alfa Black card and, as a result, to stimulate sales of this product.

Current outcomes:
In 2020, more than 143,000 cards were issued for a total amount of about KZT 128.5 billion. 
In 2021, Visa recognized Alfa Black installment card as #2 in Kazakhstan in terms of the number of issued cards among the installment cards of other Kazakhstan banks.

Our path to achievement of current outcomes:
In addition to digital promotion of the product, an integration strategy with influencers was implemented to build product awareness and increase sales of Alfa Black installment card in December 2020 and August-September 2021. 

TOP bloggers with unique content were selected using native integration.

In order to preserve the native content, we did not limit bloggers to the traditional strict adherence to the terms of brief and ensured the presence of creativity and improvisation, which allowed us to avoid the perception of content as one hundred percent advertising material. The result of this strategy was a significant excess of the planned main KPIs of this project. 

The process of cooperation with influencers has been built and, as a result, the growth of native perception of content by the target audience.
Integration with influencers in Instagram brought in the following results:
-Alfa Black product awareness increased by 22%, which is 71% according to regular measurements by BHT (Brand Health Tracking)
-Alfa Black installment card - #2 in terms of issue (number of issued cards) in Kazakhstan among installment cards 
-More than 6,000,000 views from TOP bloggers (Sekavines, Sabirkin, Territima, Lonmali, Superpapa_Serik.) and micro-influencers
-High conversion to sales with a large number of leads - more than 6%, while the conversion on online platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Google) is 3.9%.
-The share of positive comments - over 80%

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