Turn the Waterfall On


Ahadmix Group

Рабочая группа

Division Marketing Agency

Managing partner: Aziz Lutfullaev
Creative Director: Julia Nafikova
Copywriter: Komilla Rakhmanova
Video production: Ilya Varyukhin, Philipp Potorochin, Igor Koveshnikov
Manager: Semyon Vashurkin


The Problem:
Earlier in Tashkent, advertising and marketing specialists developed creative presentations of advertising concepts using billboard extensions.
Since the beginning of 2021, a mass dismantling of advertising structures began in the capital city. Representatives of the city authorities cut down billboards everywhere after declaring a moratorium on their installation. Moreover, some billboards were taken down illegally, without any grounds. The only structures left in the city were those with LED displays, which had not yet been used in a non-standard format.

The Idea:
The topic of unbearable heat during the sultry summer in the city prompted the idea of non-standard use of the LED display of our client – Ahadmix Group.
In the heart of the capital, we created an imitation of a mesmerizing waterfall. Thanks to the image quality on the LED display and special water effects, the waterfall was realistic and attracted the attention of the capital’s residents. Also, to involve the audience even more, a special button was installed near the LED display, which “turned the waterfall on”.
With our example, we wanted to show that despite all the obstacles that come your way, you need to go forward, go beyond and not put limits on creativity.

The Results:
1. Attracted attention of fellow partners.
An unconventional approach attracted the attention of expert marketers and awakened fellow partners in the field of outdoor advertising. The case helped to strengthen the positioning of Ahadmix Group as one of the innovators in the field of advertising and technical equipment.
2. Increased customer traffic.
After the launch of the “Turn the waterfall on” campaign, the number of requests from new clients for LED display placements increased by 15%.
3 major clients sent requests for unconventional promotion of their product via LED displays.
3. Created a newsbreak around the brand.
A news video regarding the promo-campaign was placed in top mass media outlets, and news about non-standard usage was picked up by industry-specific advertising resources of Uzbekistan.