“Ainalayin SOS” - Stop bullying us!



Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Aizhan Madikhojayeva
Art Director/Designer : Maxim Eremkin
Designer:Ilya Osipov
Project Manager: Diya Batenova
Photographer: Elena Norakidze


Our team has developed the "Ainalayin SOS" concept to draw attention to bullying in the Kazakhstan's school environment. This is the first major anti-bullying educational awareness campaign launched by Peremena.media. This media is published by our agency.

Why "Ainalayin SOS"? - this name holds a call to all of us: we can no longer hesitate and ignore the SOS signal from our children. And the wonderful Kazakh word "ainalayin" is a symbol of the fact that it is time to surround our children with protection, and create a safe environment for them.

The campaign kicked off with the distribution of a series of social posters withe the hashtag #ТравляЭтоБольно (BullyingIsPainful), which were all related to various types of bullying and the overall safety of children at school. These are the first posters of their kind that highlight and directly show how children suffer from all kinds of bullying.

We offered to tell our story of bullying with these posters under the hashtag #ТравляЭтоБольно and received live feedback.

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