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Director: Can Özbatur
Assistant Director: Anar Dadashov
Executive Creative Director: Ersel Serdarlı
Digital Creative Director: Göktuğ Sarı
Creative Director: Ersan Karataş
Head of Copy: Nurlan Abdurahmanov
Head of Art: Murad Javadov
Account Executive: Nigar Gadirzada
Editing: Nihad Efendizade


“Qaçqın” (Fugitive, Runaway)
Everything started with this word.
In 1992, after a post-Soviet conflict, a region called Nagorno-Karabakh became a big issue between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Armenia invaded the region, which had been internationally acknowledged as part of Azerbaijan. Around a million Azerbaijani locals had to be forcefully exiled to other regions of Azerbaijan by Armenian forces. For almost 30 years, the problem had not been solved. On social life, the term qaçqın was established between Azerbaijanis. People were even thinking that if they had the chance, they wouldn’t go back to their hometowns now that they have been settled to other cities by the government. Now its time to show this critical issue to world.
We came up with this idea that those people are neither refugees nor fugitives anymore. They can proudly name themselves by saying where they are from instead of this word «fugitive» that they think (and it is) a curse to them. We found the exiles in collaboration with Karabağ İcması (Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno-Karabakh Social Union) in Baku, took their photos with their permission and started a social media campaign.

It became talk of the town and even used by other government related ads. That’s when Kapital Bank, one of the biggest banks in Azerbaijan, wanted to support us in our cause. So, we have come up with the idea to make a documentary about those refugees of 30 years in their own countries. We filmed them in their “new” homes. The first version aired on the national television twice in two weeks and had very emotional and positive feedbacks. Also, a long documentary is in the making to be sent to worldwide film festivals.
- 1.7 Million Total Reach - More than 200K organic reach on social media
- 10K+ interactions in the first week- 50K interactions in total
- Over 100 people shared photos of their family members from Karabakh to support our cause
- We shared stories of 18 citizens.