Share The Voice Of Nowruz



Рабочая группа

Managing Director: Ersel Serdarlı
Creative Director: Ersan Karataş
Digital Creative Director: Göktuğ Sarı
Director: Can Özbatur
Copywriter: Ersan Karataş
Copywriter: Elgün Abdurahmanov
Art Director: Murad Javadov
Account Executive: Nigar Gadirzada
Programming: Serkan Algöz
Video Editing: Nihad Efendizade
Video Editing: Nurlan Namazov


In every March, Azerbaijan celebrates the rebirth of nature, the special celebration, Nowruz… There are festivals organized along with rituals and special food and desserts… Everybody is joyful. Azerbaijan’s leading telecom company Bakcell wanted us to create a unique Nowruz campaign. The main theme was: Sharing the joy of Nowruz. But, there was one problem. Azerbaijani people don’t like to share their moments on social media for brands’ marketing activities. We had to find a unique way to make people “share”. So, we came up with the idea that could give a chance to people to become a part of Bakcell’s new Nowruz film.
So, first, we shot a Nowruz film, without any voiceover and uploaded it on a new website for this project, ( to let people join and record their voiceovers for our film.
They could watch the film and record their own voices instantly. We use WEBRTC Technology to record and play INSTANTLY. It was all up to them. After our website was ready, we launched the campaign all over social media to create awareness and reach the secret voiceover talents of Azerbaijan.
People really enjoyed the project as we received hundreds of voice recordings (sometimes only murmuring). Finally, we were to choose the best 10 voices to reward but only 3 of them could have the chance to voice our Nowruz film.