IAC logo & Style concept

IAC logo & Style concept


IAC (Information and Analytical Center)

Рабочая группа

Idea & Design: Ekaterina Konopleva
Art director: Vladimir Lukashov


The goal of this project was to develop an identity for JSC Information-Analytic Center (IAC), which collects and processes statistical data for the implementation of the best educational practices in Kazakhstan. IAC is the state analytical agency with a solid international reputation that unites the best experts of the country.

The client wanted to reflect the seriousness, professionalism, and transparency of the company in a corporate style. The style should not deviate from the main information published by the center, but at the same time it needs to be recognizable and contemporary.

We decided to rethink the use of the abbreviation in the logo and add more visual recognition to it, as well as reflect the specifics of the agency. It has been decided to make the logo simple and comprehensive so it would be in correlation with the center’s activities.

The style was based on the graph, as the main element used in the formation of statistical data, and the letters of the abbreviation were used in place of the variables. The lettering was developed on the basis of simple shapes and visually refers to the work with information.

The logo is adapted to the required format, focusing on the information provided and can be used both in printing products and in the digital space.