Рабочая группа

Client - Chocolife.me
Production - Octopus.kz
Idea - Константин Соболь
Director - Константин Соболь
Operator - Сардар Баймолдин
Line producer - Валентин Попов
Executive producer - Ерсаин Досмухамет
Production designer - Юлия Кравченко
Stylist - Зарина Сатыбалдиева


Task - to make a series of videos that will remind the audience about the existence of the service. Make it less boring so the viewer will watch any video from the series till the end.
Difficulty - as usual, a limited budget, which is enough for exactly 1 shift. But the number of variations in the use of the service is a carriage and a small cart, and we want to show them all.
Solution - We thought of two funny characters who became guides to the world of ChoCo. We built boring locations for them, where they could do their boring things to start the video. And then, at a super-fast pace, they shot all the service subcategories that were reached within one shooting day.
And to make the viewers watch it all in one breath, the second phase of the video was mounted in the style of a medley, where a tiny part of the timing is given to each leisure option.