Denise Cole -- Co-founder, Creative Director at Juliet

Рабочая группа

Islom Gulyamov -- Copywriter
Polina Polyakova -- Art Director



Bronze award of the International Young Glory Festival. Winner of the Non-Commercial Project nomination of the G8 Creative Industries Festival.

Challenge: Create an event concept for any industry, anywhere in the world, that encourages interaction between IRL attendees and online participants without compromising the experience of each.

Idea: To strengthen the unity of the worshipers, we will unite them through a prayer, regardless of their location. We are improving the prayer mat so that people never have to do namaz alone.

How it works: Without breaking the Islamic canon, we will add an indicator to the upper right corner of the rug. This indicator will show the cumulative number of all people performing namaz both in the mosque and elsewhere. Now, during Friday prayers, every Muslim will feel a sense of unity with their fellow believers. The higher the number on the indicator, the more sawab and love for Allah.