Рабочая группа

PR agency: Maslov PR Tashkent
Senior Project Manager, Communicator: Julia Kagramanova

Event agency: ADD Event
Event Organizer: Aziza Arslanbekova
Event Manager: Alisher Abduvakhidov
Video Production: Vladimir Beletsky
Photo Production: Nozima Kuldasheva

Offroad Travel Expert: Ivan Belikov
Guide: Octavian Veryakin

SamAuto Team: Ilkhom Yarashev, Munisa Israilova, Timur Ladin, Ruslan Urmanov


The problem:
Low recognition of the ISUZU D-Max pickup truck (presentation of pickup in Uzbekistan was – November 2019, sales start in Uzbekistan – January 2020), low sales among individuals.

To increase the recognition of the pickup truck among local audience, rising number of calls/pre-sale requests to dealerships and sales to individuals.

In May 2021, we organized a twelve-day automobile expedition with bloggers and opinion leaders in Uzbekistan throughout little-known local locations and points which have great tourist potential.

An indicative test drive for ISUZU D-Max pickups served to shape a different angle of view to local landscapes and get better acquaintance with Uzbekistan.

This trip helped to demonstrate the capabilities of a pickup truck, to create an association of “hard-to-reach”, but beautiful places can be comfortably and confidently reached by ISUZU D-Max pickups.

Bloggers ' participation aimed at primarily increasing awareness and interest toward pickup among their wider audience (travel, extreme sports, film production, marketing). As well as, sales, but this was not a priority.

The goals of the participation of opinion leaders (business) were to high-light these three points (to increase awareness, interest, sales) among solvent, target audience. Increasing sales was the target goal of their participation.

99 publications (posts in social networks, online articles, remarks in TV reportages). Number of stories: 664.

Engagement: more than 468 059.
Impressions: more than 3 702 914.

The link to the final film on YouTube was published on the pages of the state project Uzbekistan Travel.

ISUZU D-Max Aral Tour was publicly noted by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan Aziz Abdukhakimov:

"Auto tourism is a format of a travel that allows to discover your own country or others from a new sight. The museum cities of Bukhara, Khiva, and Samarkand are known all over the world, but Uzbekistan is also rich with many other little-known, but incredibly gorgeous places. It is very nice that the participants of the SamAuto tour were able to demonstrate their bright emotions through social networks’ pages and witness how sudden discoveries can be achieved by travelling in your own car".

From May to August 2021, compared to the period January-April 2021:

Interest in the car in dealerships increased by 20%.
The number of sales to individuals increased 2.1 times.

The project was submitted on 23.09.2021, media channel - YouTube