LLP "GMZ Tekeli"

Рабочая группа

Strategy/SMM Head: Askar Arulana
Art-direction: Aruzhan Taubaldiyeva
Branding: Aruzhan Taubaldiyeva, Moldir Alzhan
Design: Moldir Alzhan
Motion-design: Temirlan Bayanov
Production: Akzhan Kuandykov
Account Manager: Azida Iminova
Copywriting: Amina Abdraimova
Traffic Manager: Gizat Baimurat
Web-developer: Madiyar Ismagulov


«Tekeli» dairy plant is located in a small town with a population of 30 000. All local hospitals, kindergartens, medical and educational institutions were provided with their high-quality products.

The plant has been operating for 60 years straight. Due to the sudden quarantine, the volume of distributed products sharply decreased. “Tekeli” plant decided to enter the retail trade in the nearest cities of Tekeli and Taldykorgan.

Despite the familiar-to-all flavor, no one knew what the milk packaging was like. The consumers were not familiar with the name or the packaging of the dairy brand, which remained the same since the plant was founded in 1953.

After visiting the plant, getting acquainted with the process and the employees who's been working there for generations, we decided to use the storytelling from the perspective of the chief technologist Valentina Borisovna. The product's quality was good enough to build a loyal customer base. So the main task of the rebranding was to stand out on the shelves and help the buyer find our new product among the others.

We have identified 3 main KPIs: stand out from competitors on the store shelves, raise awareness and increase recognizability of the product. We conducted an analysis, developed a website, installed a QR code on packages to increase awareness about the product, ran a photo and video shooting, launched a PR campaign using localized seed marketing, and made a series of competitive activations.

The story about the local plant resonated with many residents of Tekeli and Taldykorgan. We received a lot of positive feedback, launched the new package, and brought the plant to profitability in the retail trade. In 2 months, the headline “The oldest dairy plant has started Instagram ... " resulted in more than 1 million impressions in the cities of Tekeli and Taldykorgan with a total population of about 200 thousand people. We gained more than 4 thousand subscribers. ER > 2.

Sales of dairy products tripled in 6 months. Sales tripled in the Modern trade channel and doubled in the Traditional trade channel. By the end of 2021, "Tekeli" plans to expand its geography and launch sales in Almaty.