Borjomi Kazakhstan

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Borjomi Kazakhstan & ROI Group

Malika Zulyarova — Marketing Manager Central Asia
Darya Belkina — Brand Manager Central Asia
Daniyar Shamiyev— General Director
Ilya Timofeyev — Creative Director
Alena Timofeyeva — Head of Art
Yana Shushukova — Designer
Aruzhan Uksikbayeva — Designer
Assel Kalbayeva — Head SMM
Artyom Balabayev — SMM Manager
Dana Dastem — Producer
Rinat Karimov — Photographer
Aida Kaumenova — Fashion Designer
Mimi Ilnitskaya — Artist


Especially for a spring holiday Nauryz International Brand Borjomi has launched a limited edition pack. It was extremely important for a Brand to build a strong info support through social media channels.

Almost all brands coming up with the communication in the context of Nauryz holiday "find themselves trapped" by traditional visual images...
Therefore Borjomi took a challenge - to avoid this trap, but at the same time remain stylish and trendy during the holiday.

Historically Central Asia is one of the oldest nomadic territories.
Nauryz is a celebration the alchemy of spring, when an “inner nomad” - an easy-going nomad awakens in everyone, calling outside: Ehhh, baurym, kettik to fresh air, to nature.
And we set off to the Tamgaly Tas tract, on the bank of the Ili River.
Collaborating with a top photographer, stylish local fashion designer, popular artist and trendsetter, a Brand team, representing Georgian identity of Borjomi, took a neo-nomad-style photo set.

A number of Insta posts influenced growth of targeting reach and views almost twice. organic reach tripled. Likes increased six-fold*.

These results the Brand gained without spending any extra budgets.
SMM campaign along with the other communication instruments contributed in sales growth +23**.
Photo materials were shared with other markets and were used by Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and the Baltics.

* (23 publications), from March, 11 till April, 9
** Brand sales report (March-April 2020 – March-April 2021)