Kazakhtelecom Retail Business Division

Рабочая группа

Kazakhtelecom, OWL media & Anykey

Rinat Jeksenov — Sales Managing Director; Retail Business Division
Maiya Ibrayeva — Director of the Department, Marketing Communications Department; Retail Business Division
Konstantin Sobol — Creative Producer and Director
Stanislav Marakushin — Managing Director
Inna Yan — Client Service Director
Kirill Roschin — Producer
Madiar Satybaldiyev — DoP
Dmitry Kolodin — Production Designer


Kazakhtelecom is a technological telecommunications company whose services are perceived as ordinary consumer goods: telephone communications, television, and the Internet.

People are social by their nature, communication is vital for them. We found a way to make the company a little more personalized and its products more emotional.