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Kimberly Clark

Рабочая группа

Client: Kimberly Clark Kazakhstan
Zaur Aghayev – Senior Brand Manager on Huggies

Agency: Crea Y&R
Zhanna Burakanova – Creative Director
Semyon Dmitriyev – Strategist
Akmaral Ungarova – Creative Group Head
lyubov Sinitsa – Copywriter
Madina Sarsembay – Account Director
Aida Zlavdinova – Account Manager
Anastasiya Druchinina – Client Service Director

Production: West East Service; Horizon Production
Tatyana Orlova – Producer
Yegor Lymarev – Director
Danil Toshmatov – Director


According to the official data, there are more than 400,000 single mothers in Kazakhstan.
In Kazakhstan mothers receive the state financial support only until the child’s first birthday. Later on, single mothers have to cope with their situation on their own.
The situation is further complicated by the fact that it is near-impossible to get a place in a state kindergarten. Parents who have been on the waiting list since the birth of their baby wait until their child is 3 or 4 years old, and sometimes they don't get a place at all. That’s why without support of a second parent, it is almost impossible for a single mother to get a stable and decently paid job to provide for the family

The agency had to find working mechanics for helping single mothers that would involve consumers in the process, and then to draw Kazakhstanis’ attention to the problem.

It was decided to create a partnership project. Huggies, Magnum store chain and the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan give Kazakhstanis an opportunity to help single mothers by simply buying Huggies products.
3% of the value of each Huggies product sold in Magnum goes to Red Crescent, that provides help to mothers. . Every mother supported by this program receives a monthly certificate for 50,000 tenge.
The next step is to show the consumer how single mothers live and how much they and their children need the support of the society. We created two emotional videos, communicating program mechanics and our project’s website
The digital news media and the popular bloggers published the videos

Currently, the Gift of a Mother's Hug social program provides regular assistance to several hundred Kazakhstani mothers raising children alone.