Beeline marketing team

Рабочая группа

Tsvykov Maksim - Chief Marketing officer Beeline
Ussinaliyeva Dinara - Head of Brand Development and Marketing Communications Service Beeline
Azat Akhmedin - Brand Manager Beeline
Igor Medvedskiy - Creative Group Head
Tatyana Kim - Account Manager
Natalya Pak - Account Director
Uliya Kusherbayeva - Copywriter


Our main goal was to share unique visual experience with people via new technologies and celebrate the main holiday for Kazakhs – Nauryz.

The challenge was tough due to epidemiological situation. Luckily, Almaty was in “green zone” at that time and the number of infection cases was relatively low.

Each client got a free 1 GB of traffic. All they had to do was dial the USSD that drones have arranged up in the air. We got 8 306 requests in first hour of the show. More than 1 635 676 requests were processed successfully in a week.