Cinemadrome VISA. Alpine movie theater



Рабочая группа

Dmitriy Volkov General Director
Maria Mamayeva Account Director
Nail Muratov Creative Director
Sergey Alexanin Head of Art
Renat Poposhev Art Director
Oxana Kharechko Senior Designer
Yerkebulan Kaliyev Designer
Christina Chaldybayeva Designer
Nazir Zhangaulov Designer


As this the ill-fated pandemic began, severe restrictions were imposed in Kazakhstan: crowded areas, cinemas, parks and other places of leisure were closed. People were locked down in their homes and left without their usual entertainment.

To come up with an activity for the VISA brand that would help people to make their leisure time more diverse and provide them with entertainment during the pandemic.

We decided to establish "Cinemadrome", the first alpine open-air movie theater. A place where you can come by car and enjoy the masterpieces of world cinematography, eat popcorn and drink some Coke while breathing fresh air and maintaining a social distance. In this project, we created everything from the scratch: from scouting locations and developing an identity to installing a screen. A distinctive feature of our "Cinemadrome" is that it was located at an altitude of over 1000 meters above sea level offering a breathtaking view of the city in the nighttime.