Kompotai. For the little grown-ups


Caspian Beverage Holding

Рабочая группа

Nail Muratov Creative Director
Igor Golushko Group Head
Sergey Alexanin Head of Art
Renat Poposhev Art Director
Nikolay Shkoda Senior Copywriter
Dmitriy Volkov General Director
Elena Brazhnikova Account Director


Adults are often stressed: work, home, lots of different problems. And sometimes, we really want to feel safe, return to our carefree childhood.

To show now-adults that Kompotai is grandma's natural compote, the same that was made for us in our childhood. And even if you don’t have an opportunity to drop in on your granny, it’s no ordeal. Your favorite compote made according to the special recipe will be waiting for you in any store of your city.

We shot a series of videos where even the harshest and most serious adults become cute and gentle children when they taste grandma's compote. After all, it is impossible to remain strict when you are being treated with such warmth.