EUROMEBEL. Test drive for furniture



Рабочая группа

Nail Muratov Creative Director
Sergey Alexanin Head of Art
Nikolay Shkoda Senior Copywriter
Renat Poposhev Art Director
Oxana Kharechko Senior Designer
Gulnur Kassymova Client Service Director


People often don’t know how to test the quality of furniture since everyone has their own parameters: for someone softness is important, while for others strength and even smell and color are.

To tell people that no matter how they check the quality of the furniture, it will pass the test since the quality of the furniture in Euromebel is certified.

We shot a series of videos in which we showed how people of different occupations check the quality of furniture. After all, there are as many ways as many people there are: for a boxer it is important how the closet stands the punch, and for a teacher, how many notebooks it can fit in. No matter how they test our furniture, the quality will always be at its best.