The longest commercial about yoghurt with the shortest shelf life

The longest commercial about yoghurt with the shortest shelf life



Рабочая группа

Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Group Head: Sergii Kolos
Art Director: Diana Moldagulova
Copywriter: Michail Varov
Senior Designer: Vitaliy Arkhipov
Digital Head: Azamat Ruzhev
SMM-Manager: Alexey Glukhov
Client Service Director: Anna Kostyleva
Account Director: Anastasiya Ivanova


647 shooting locations, hundreds of actors, 4 weeks of shooting, a million and a half viewers. A new blockbuster?

No, it's the longest commercial for a yogurt with the shortest shelf life.

Almost every client dreams of having his product in a commercial for as long as possible, in the shot, front and center.
There has to be a lot of it...

Especially if it's a new product launch

FoodMaster is launching a new "Alive Yogurt
and a commercial for it.

The new product is too fresh and tasty to stay in the fridge for a long time. It will be gone shortly.
We asked consumers to keep our video rolling by shooting scenes about the yogurt with the shortest shelf life in their own fridges.
Millions of Kazakhstanis watched the commercials created by their friends and acquaintances.
And all that time they were looking at the product in the center of the shot, just like all the clients wanted.