Рабочая группа

Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Group Head: Sergii Kolos
Art Director: Diana Moldagulova
Copywriter: Viktor Ershov
Senior Designer: Vitaliy Arkhipov
Junior Designer: Timur Tanbayev
Digital Head: Azamat Ruzhev
SMM-Manager: Madina Madiyarova
Client Service Director: Anna Kostyleva
Account Director: Mariya Firer
Account Manager: Sabina Goldberg


Girls like to pamper themselves with tasty but unhealthy treats
But then they start judging themselves for it.

Specifically for these girls President released a tasty and healthy alternative – “Smooth cottage cheese” with fruits.

Now they don’t have to feel guilty for eating too much.

We released a short insightful video in which a strict judge gives all the girls an acquittal.
We also made an Instagram mask so every girl can make a confession.
We support the video campaign with instagram masks to give everyone a chance to admit their Tasty Crimes

Just like that Instagram has become the place for women's funny heartfelt confessions!
And not just for women’s!
Even well-known bloggers were not left out.

The campaign resulted in the greatest number of acquittals in the history of the country!