Рабочая группа

SHOTS Creative Agency

Petro Storozhenko — Head of Art
Mikhailo Polivanov — Art Director
Sergii Shevtsov — Creative Group Head
Alina Taratun — Account Manager


Almost all mobile operators in Kazakhstan were bought by the state-owned company Kazakhtelecom.

Thus 78% youth of Kazakhstan in fact use the services of one company.

Our goal is to attract millennials, because they are the most active mobile users and being online for them means much more than for their parents.

We have developed a completely new telecommunication brand for youth — izi.
We know that the most important mobile thing for young people is good internet.
That’s why izi focuses on mobile internet and offers a unique service for Kazakhstan market — traffic is sold in packages and never expire. That is, you can use the internet until the package ends. And then buy the next one.

Our target character’s name is Marat. He is 22 and lives in the big city of Almaty. Marat is always on his phone. He wakes up and first checks stories. He falls asleep watching an episode of his favorite series.

During the day he texts in messengers, checks Facebook and VK, watches reviews, watches how-tos, watches vines, watches movies, watches funny videos, watches, watches, watches…

We created a symbol of this watching — the eye that became the basis of brand identity.

The corporate identity is based on the eye, which can become volumetric, change color, material and shape. The eye also can be stretched into a colored worm, which we called beem.

We decided not to limit ourselves to a set of colors, but to use a unifying principle — a gradient that can be applied to different colors and shades.

We have developed a logo, sim card packaging, application and website design, stationery, Key Visuals (that can be used both in digital and outdoor advertising) and brand merchandise: T-shirts, socks, tote bags, cups, spray cans and elements of an office interior.