Hymn of Boldness

Hymn of Boldness



Рабочая группа

Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Group Head: Renata Muratova
Copywriter: Timofey Pozdeyev
Art-Director: Sanzhar Kozzhanov
Art-Director: Diana Korchevskaya
Designer: Ilona Kupreichuk

Digital Head: Azamat Ruzhev
SMM-Manager: Alexey Glukhov
Client Service Director: Anna Kostyleva
Account Director: Mariya Firer

Account Manager: Asya Tynystanova


In the whole world Doritos is for the bold. The brand is on Kazakhstan market for four years and, despite this, Doritos is not popular among audience and has low awareness. Although in Kazakhstan people love the bold. And everyone has a bold friend to tell about.

Instead of telling about Doritos boldness with insinuating voice we decided to sing about it — to create a real hymn of boldness. We collaborated with the boldest musician in Kazakhstan — Irina Kairatovna. They are famous for their provocative songs and music videos. So Irina Kairatovna and Doritos were a perfect match.

We recorded a hymn of boldness — the song “Derzky Dos” about the friends that everyone has and talks about.

To shoot a music video for the song we held a casting for the boldest friend in Kazakhstan with following mechanics: post your bold dances on Instagram or tik-tok. The winners became a part of the music video about: the bold guy who dances like no one watches, the bold guy who styles no matter what people would say, the bold girl who’s not afraid to express her opinion despite society stereotypes.

Ads are usually skipped, but this one was viewed till the end and mentioned Doritos a lot!

Bloggers reviewed the commercial video as regular music video for free!

The song spread over the net. People downloaded it, added it to playlists and uploaded it to music platforms by themselves. People started to use the song in their videos not related with the promo to identify themselves as bold persons.

In the 18 million country the hymn of boldness from Doritos and about Doritos was listened for over 10 million times.

The campaign is over but the brand communication is not. Because people will listen to the song organically increasing the brand awareness and enhancing positioning of Doritos.