McDonald's® Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Advertising Agency: TBWA\CAC, Almaty , Kazakhstan
Creative Director: Iliya Kodintsev
Copywriter: Askhat Orazayev
Art Director: Darya Zhuravleva
Junior Art Director: Alfira Abdalimova
Designers: Zhakyp Matayev, Nurasyl Toleukadyr
Client Service Director: Dana Raushanova
Account Manager: Arailym Kudassova
Production: Creativity
Brand's Managing Director: Asset Mashanov
Senior Marketing Manager: Arshat Baktygali
Acting Senior Marketing Manager: Yelena Kozubskaya
FB & LRM Specialist: Dmitriy Avteikin


Products from the Royal Collection were already presented in other countries in the past. The main goal of the campaign was to introduce these products in Kazakhstan for the first time.
For this campaign, the background was that the products were already presented in other markets in the past and now they finally returned to Kazakhstan. Therefore it matches our insight that "there is a taste in the sake of which you can do so many things and even to conduct extreme efforts to try it one more time". The creative idea is that you can cross space and time in order to taste eat again.
It must be mentioned that McDonald's® is presented in Kazakhstan only for 5 years.
With only two weeks on air, all media indicators of the Royal Campaign launch are higher than planned. OLV: 
1 648 967 impressions, which is 10% of Kazakhstani population; reach 2 582 121, which is 15% of Kazakhstani population. Banners: 6 686 322 impressions, which is 40% of Kazakhstani population; reach 2 886 306, which is 16% of Kazakhstani population. SMM: 9 539 471 impressions, which is 53% of Kazakhstani population; Reach 5 302 506, which is 30% of Kazakhstani population.