Рабочая группа

Client: Msolservice
Art-direction: Sergey Tyurin
Design: Anastasiya Kurochkina, Diana Vagner
Illustration: Nadya Shustikova
Lettering: Nazik Shokparova


MOLSERVICE is a domestic brand of dairy and sour milk products, a leader in the Kazakhstan market in production of products for therapeutic and preventive purposes.

An indicator of the company's high competitiveness is the creation of its own brand of recognition in the market. The package design was been developed and updated to the updated products of Molservice, within the framework of the new positioning project to solve this problem, in order to expand opportunities and attract a new audience.

The most important element and key focus of the updated package is the modernly drawn and emotionally trusting open character of the “good cow”, having to non-verbal communication with both adults and children.

Quantitative and qualitative research, interviews and social survey have shown that this is the image that consumers prefer to see on the packaging of dairy and sour milk products. Most of the respondents expressed their preference for this image.

For the recognition and memorability of the Molservice brand, including at the subconscious psycho-emotional level, there is one character on all types of products. The new emotions, entourage and surroundings give diversity and freshness to the image. They are modified with each product.