Presents cannot buy forgiveness for violence



Рабочая группа

Executive Director: Faig Aliyev
Creative Director: Rasul Zaidov
Art Director: Parviz Bayramguliyev
Graphic Designer: Farid Aliyev
Copywriter: Hajibala Safarov
Account Manager: Madina Huseyn
Social Media Manager: Azar Humbatov


International Women's Day is a movement that brings attention on the cultural, political, and socio-economic status of women, their legal equality, and violence. However, in our society, which is conservative and where women's rights are frequently violated, March 8 is celebrated as an occasion for women to receive flowers. Lately, domestic violence, domestic crimes, female suicides, and other negative cases against women have become quite widespread in our society. Men, who have been abusing women throughout the entire year and violating their rights, are kind of trying to compensate for their actions by buying whatever. Upon the initiative of Unibank to bring the light to this problem, we tried to show the real essence of the issue by presenting the newspaper, which has real news about women's crimes and suicides, as a gift from a man. Thus, we conveyed our main message: «Presents cannot buy forgiveness for violence» Our posters which were shared on social media and outdoors, have drawn a great public attention. Social media users had even criticized local brands that shared sexist ads on March 8 and called them upon to take our posters as a great example. The posters were also shared by local celebrities and influencers. With 90% positive feedback, our campaign has reached 1,500,000 people in total.