Focus Optika

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Faig Aliyev
Art Director: Parviz Bayramguliyev
Graphic Designer: Nuriman Zakiroghlu
Photographer: Nihat Aliyev
Copywriter: Hajibala Safarov
Account Manager: Turkhan Aliguliyev
Social Media Manager: Elsun Nabatov


In order to enjoy each activity, you have to focus on it. Although there are so many wonderful aspects of life, people seem to have forgotten to enjoy them. Especially negative events, various tragedies and economic problems in Azerbaijan have overshadowed the beautiful moments of life. The main goals of the "Focus on life" project are to remind people of forgotten joys of life, re-connect people with life and make them enjoy it. The project has initially caused a boom on social media. It was shared organically by social media users. People have realized that they don't focus on the important things and aspects of their lives. To make sure that the campaign reaches out to more people we have placed our message «Focus on life» on billboards in subways and other crowded places. The project was published not only on local but on international media platforms as well. The creative usage of glasses and a positive outlook on life played a key role in the success of the project. In the aftermath of this campaign, there was a significant increase in brand loyalty and image. The "Focus on Life" project has reached out to 2.4M people