Sunglasses are worn for beauty, not to hide


Focus Optika

Рабочая группа

Executive Director: Faig Aliyev
Creative Director: Rasul Zaidov
Art Director/Motion Graphics Designer: Parviz Bayramguliyev
Photographer: Mahammad Novruzlu
Copywriter: Hajibala Safarov
Account Manager: Madina Huseyn
Social Media Manager: Azar Humbatov


Another negative effect of the pandemic was an upsurge in domestic violence worldwide. This was observed in our country as well. Unlike global, the problem in our society was more serious. Because women in Azerbaijan are found guilty even when they are subjected to violence. Society blames women more than men. Even when violence is disclosed, families come together to reconcile the parties and encourage them to return to their normal lives. As a result, women's problems remain unresolved. These reconciliations, on the contrary, result in a crime. Women, on the other hand, find a solution in hiding the violence they have been subjected to. They wear makeup to conceal this violence. And sometimes glasses. Our goal, at the initiative of Focus Optics, was to raise this problem. We wanted to remind people that glasses are worn for beauty, not to hide problems. We delivered the following message with our video and posters: Sunglasses are worn for beauty, not to hide! Our concern for the societal issues and approach of adapting them to the product attracted the people's interest. As a result, the shares made on both our own and other people's social media accounts drew attention. The project was praised in our society. The project was organically shared by many people. It reached a total of 1.5 million people, with a 95% positive response rate.