Packaging concept for "TRALOCK", Lock Packaging



Рабочая группа

Designer: Bakhtiyar Baimurzayev


The task was to do something extraordinary with a packaging that manufacturers do not usually design. The main idea is simple. Traveling is something that brings emotions, moments and bright colors to people's lives. The execution of the design in these colors conveys this idea in a full way. All elements are thought in a travelling style, and the letter "o" in the logo in a form of lock hole.

Tralock is a travel suitcase lock. The packaging was created starting with the name and ending with the design of the packaging itself. It was created to stand out from the standard locks that do not have much design and to attract the attention of the buyers. The name is a mix of travelling and lock. The design itself is directly related to its purpose, it is made in the form of a suitcase.

The box as a whole is a simple and straightforward travel element. The inner part of the blister fixes the product itself, the lock and the key, while the whole structure is made in the way that the consumer can see the product through the diecut. The blister layer is glued to the cardboard layer and when collecting the box, the consumer gets the feeling that he is holding a small suitcase in his hands.