Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
Photographer: Maxim Malov
Retouch: Igor Yug
Project managers: Zarina Alpysbayeva, Dinara Aleyeva, Ingkar Omar


PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Awareness about WI-Fi on board.

INSIGHT: “I just want to write to my mom I`m ok”.

THE IDEA of an advertising campaign is SMS to relatives/friends/colleagues. After analyzing hundreds of answers from the focus group, we concluded that people need Wi-Fi on board to stay in touch. During a long flight, there is enough time to congratulate granny, write to mom so she's not worried, give an update to colleagues about the meeting and just be in touch with loved ones.

The brief was to increase awareness of the product, which is provided only on 3 aircraft and not presented visually. Therefore, we downloaded the materials through free channels: uploaded to the on-board screens as gif animation, added a dust jacket to the on-board entertainment magazine with instructions for connecting, produced teacups with images and used the advertising space in the Tengri logbook.

RESULT: We confirmed that people began to use messengers on board more often, share photos on social networks during the flight, and also received new survey results, according to which recognition increased by 50%, which is a good indicator for this type of product.