IMARAT Progress

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Nursultan Bakyt
Copywriter: Nursultan Bakyt
Director: Manas Khaldarov
Director of Photography: Chyngyz Sulumbekov
Production designer: Aya Ibraimova
Decorator: Timur Roshchin
Stylist: Farida Dokonova
Stylist's Assistant: Saadat
Photographer: Islam Baizakov
Backstage operators: Ziedillo Shakirov, Isaev Islam
Administrator: Victoria Arkhangelskaya
Camera and lighting crew: kg club rental
Video editing: Manas Khaldarov
Sound design: Vadim Tutarov
Color correction: Kerim Kasymaliyev


In Bishkek, construction companies sell their apartments as a cherished dream. 98% of apartments in Bishkek are handed over to buyers for self-finishing without repair.
Altyn Bulak Life - a new residential complex by Imarat Progress, where all apartments are handed over to buyers with ready-made repairs.

We decided not to romanticize the purchase of an apartment. Be honest and open. We were the first on the market who decided to tell about all the pains that people experience when buying an apartment without ready-made repair.

"Don't quarrel” is an advertising campaign where we showed situations that lead to a quarrel.

Total campaign coverage is more than 2 million people. with a population of 6 million people in Kyrgyzstan.