Don't quarrel

Don't quarrel


IMARAT Progress

Рабочая группа

Copywriter: Nursultan Bakyt
Photographer: Islam Baizakov


In Bishkek, construction companies sell their apartments as a cherished dream. 98% of apartments in Bishkek are handed over to buyers for self-finishing without repair.
Altyn Bulak Life - a new residential complex, where all apartments are handed over to buyers with ready-made repairs.

We decided not to romanticize the purchase of an apartment. Be honest and open. We were the first in the market who showed that buying an apartment without a ready repair leads to a quarrel.

"Don't quarrel” is an advertising campaign where we showed situations that lead to a quarrel.
A video from an eyewitness appears on the network, where a young couple quarrels at the construction market and the wife beats her husband. The video went viral.

Imarat Progress refutes the veracity of the video, urges not to quarrel over repairs and launches a series of outdoor advertising on the streets of Bishkek:
- we show a quarrel of a young couple
- we are changing "don't quarrel" to "fall in love" together with the release of the OLV video. The finale of the OLV video ends with the phrases Don't quarrel - Fall in love!

Total campaign coverage is more than 2 million people. with a population of 6 million people in Kyrgyzstan.
53% of apartments were sold, 2 lines were opened for sale ahead of their deadlines.