TOPs are watching ads



Рабочая группа

Agency: BBDO CA
CEO - Danil Maslov
CSD - Iuliia Iugai
Account manager - Kseniya Zhanokova
Art Director - Svetlana Nikolayeva
Junior Art Director - Oleg Sigitov
Copywriter - Darya Priyezzheva

Production: Sintez studio


There is no doubt that media presence is very important for an ad agency. Some wise guy once said that for advertising business “share of voice = share of market”. So, we wanted to grow our share of voice, but faced the problem right away.

In 2020, there was 0 specialized ad media running in Central Asia: was temporary closed; hadn’t launched yet.

We’ve made our own media – YouTube show “TOPs are watching ads”. We invited entrepreneurs, talked to them and showed lots of cool TV commercials. Because we believe that you can only make awesome ads, if you watch awesome ads.

This project not only raised our share of voice, but also brought profit.
+ 801 874 views, with average "depth of view" - 20 minutes.
+ 6 971 subscriptions
ROI = 324%

Project link: