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Alfa Bank

Рабочая группа

VESNA FILMS - Creative and Production Company

Tatyana Kim — founder of Vesna Films, a new generation of creatives, multi-hyphaneted artist worked as a copywriter in Crea Y&R, Almaty, Kazakhstan (2007-2012) and turned director-producer. Since 2012 based in Los Angeles working worldwide in advertising, film and new media — www.tatyanakim.com

Anatoliy Ogay — producer, copywriter and musician has worked in various advertising agencies in Kazakhstan, now based in Los Angeles producing ads for international clients.

Client - Alfa Bank: Maria Mun, Nilufar Tlysbayeva

Creative Director/Producer - Tatyana Kim
Copywriter/Producer - Anatoliy Ogay
UPM - Altyn Abayeva

Director of Photography - Ivan Zaitsev
Production Design - Dmitriy Kolodin
Costume Design - Elena Norakidze
HMUA - Nargiz Aminova, Lelya Teo

Music Composer - Robert Ziganshin
Sound Mixer - Vitaliy Tkachenko

Jazz Band "V-DIX"
Trumpet - Myakotin Viktor
Bass - Kharitonov Nikolay
Trombone - Shtoda Vitaliy
Drums - Anastasiady Fedor
Banjo - Kupriyanov Alexandr
Saxophone - Kamenev Konstantin


To launch brand’s new product and make it in the most creative and memorable way is Vesna's forte. In this collaboration between Alfa Bank and Vesna Films we had a task to present bank’s new installment card Alfa Black to consumers. The new installment card allows people to purchase goods today and pay evenly throughout next several months — relatively new concept for Kazakhstani consumers. As a way of communication Vesna chose to create a series of 5 short and sweet OLV’s to communicate the message.

While we understood the importance of delivering the content that would be digestible by the local consumer, we didn’t shy away from drawing inspiration from the universal anchors. We aimed to max out on the 80s trend and packaged the videos into an 1980’s game-show with a charismatic host, cute, heart-felt guests and live orchestra. Through the series of peculiar questions and even more ridiculous answers we learn about benefits the product offers. It was important for the agency to present the idea in the most authentic way yet have an eclectically pleasing elements like the live band for the opening and closing shots, warm yellow tone in the set design, as well as the vintage camera look overall.

Also because during the Soviet era media was censored and heavily centralized, our magical realism OLVs give the audience a chance to look at the Kazakh content with the all the beautiful diversity, and Kazakh themes, in the setting it never had a chance to be in.

We work in new realities — low budget, two-week turnaround from start to finish, but lots of masked smiles.

The campaign was launched on Youtube and Instagram as a sponsored ads in March and April 2021, this was the first vertical social media integrated ad campaign for Alfa Bank.

https://vimeo.com/549044593 original -Russian

https://vimeo.com/615801501 - English subtitles

https://vimeo.com/551754461 - BTS featurette