Ahadmix Group

Рабочая группа

Division Marketing Agency

Managing partner: Aziz Lutfullaev
Creative Director: Julia Nafikova
Copywriter: Anastacia Tananykina, Komilla Rakhmanova
Video production: Ilya Varyukhin, Atabek Zarimov
Web designer: Vadim Pirneu
Manager: Sherzod Mukhammadov


The Problem:
The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt small and medium-sized businesses, contributing to the indefinite closure of a large number of businesses and companies in Uzbekistan.
How can we support entrepreneurs and help them remind customers about their businesses in a difficult and unstable period when outdoor advertising has become more of a luxury than a necessity?

The Idea:
We decided to develop a socially significant campaign to support small and medium-sized businesses in Tashkent – “There is strength in unity” for Ahadmix Group, a company specializing in the rental and sale of LED displays.
The idea to support local entrepreneurs came during the easing of lockdown restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. That was the time when “There is strength in unity” campaign was launched, under the terms of which the owners of small and medium-sized businesses were given the opportunity to run their ads on LED displays in the center of Tashkent for only 1,000 soums (10 cents). All that was necessary to fill out an application on the campaign site and send their business’ story in a difficult pandemic time.
This campaign was created in order to unite entrepreneurs in the face of a common problem.

The Results:
After the campaign was announced in social networks and news sources such as www.gazeta.uz, the application website initially had technical problems and the Ahadmix Group office began to receive calls directly from interested entrepreneurs with a request to participate.
40 companies were among the finalists for the campaign and each had the opportunity to tell an audience of thousands about their services and products.
The campaign helped small and medium-sized businesses increase their advertising reach several times over, reaching 50,000 unique user contacts and thereby increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty.
Moreover, the project, which was planned as a social project, bore fruit and allowed Ahadmix Group to attract new advertisers and once again assert itself as a socially responsible and reliable partner.