Social project ULUT


social project ULUT

Рабочая группа

Andarbekov Omurbek-project manager/ PR
Аshimova Сholpon- coordinator of project
Nuradileva Aizada-project manager/ journalist
Abdieva Altynai- graphic / motion designer
Аlimbaev Nurmuhammed-copywriter, SMM-specialist
Каsenov Timur-3D/motion designer
Daniyarov Jantay- SEО/SEA
Каryp kyzy Karlygach- copywriter, translator
Bekturova Aizada- journalist
Keneshbekova Akmaral-content manager
Aidarov Adilet-product manager


ULUT is the first Kyrgyz social network for a Kyrgyz-speaking audience. The ULUT mobile application offers unique content in the Kyrgyz language. Nowadays, the closest analogs are the Russian applications Vkontakte and Telegram. There, you can publish news, create groups or blogs, listen to and download songs/music just like on ULUT-platform. There are no direct competitors of ULUT in the Kyrgyz market.
Problem statement
The Kyrgyz are representatives of the ancient culture of nomads who lived in yurts and were engaged in cattle breeding. The strength of the Kyrgyz people is in unity and cultural heritage. Due to the unification of scattered tribes, the Kyrgyz could withstand the great empires and preserve their culture through the centuries.
The cruel days are gone. But how to convey the history, cultural landmarks and keep unity in the era of digitalization?
We found a way out. Meet the mobile application ULUT - the first social network in the Kyrgyz language.
The social network ULUT unites the Kyrgyz language speakers from all over the world. The project goal is the exchange of knowledge, teaching, and preservation of historical and cultural values.
We worked hard for one year. And now we are ready to present the following results from August 2020 to June 2021.

In addition to developing mobile applications, we worked on other areas:
There is such a term in Kyrgyz culture - "Mankurt". This is a person who has lost his historical memory, spiritual values and guidelines.
That's why we strive to keep the connection between generations, to unite and reinforce the Kyrgyz people through words, history, culture, education. We want to create a new electronic epic of the Kyrgyz nation.
ULUT has the potential to present the uniqueness of Kyrgyz history and raise education to a new level. It offers valuable knowledge in a simple and user-friendly form. Social network ULUT was developed for you, for us and for Kyrgyz people from all over the world.

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