Caspian Beverage Holding

Рабочая группа

Nail Muratov Creative Director
Sergey Alexanin Head of Art
Renat Poposhev Art Director
Nikolay Shkoda Senior Copywriter
Elena Brazhnikova Account Director


Adults are often stressed: work, home, lots of different problems. And sometimes, we really want to feel safe, return to our carefree childhood.

To pump up the taste of cherry Kompotai in the summertime, while not forgetting the main role of the brand: wholesome nostalgia for grandma's tender loving care.

In order to convey all the milieu and warmth of the brand, we decided to meticulously recreate the grandma's feast in order to convey the sensations of the moment at a table with sweet treats when the grandkids visit their grandma. We have carefully selected hundreds of authentic paraphernalia that are familiar to every citizen of the CIS since very childhood. With the help of ANKL technology we managed to achieve the effect of "huge" cherry so that the viewer would feel small for a short time.