Рабочая группа

Nail Muratov Creative Director
Sergey Alexanin Head of Art
Renat Poposhev Art Director
Oxana Kharechko Senior Designer
Nazir Zhangaulov Designer
Elena Brazhnikova Account Director


Due to the daily presence in the office, climatic conditions and other factors, Kazakhstanis have a deficiency of vitamin D, which is responsible for the workability and health in general.

To encourage people to maintain their immunity and remind them about the ForteDetrim vitamin D by Santo.

We decided to go against the clichéd pharmaceutical market of Kazakhstan and didn’t use stock images with plastic smiles. We figured out how to vividly show the effect of vitamin D on a person, meticulously rendered and recreated these scenes in 3D, and retouched our images. We have shown that a person who is in the "zone of action" of the ForteDetrim capsule is happy and full of energy, in contrast to the ones around.