Mummy, bring me a toy please


Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
Videographer / editor: Maxim Malov
Project managers: Zarina Alpysbayeva, Aisha Yessimkhanova, Ingkar Omar


Objective: to announce a new baggage policy in Air Astana. The transition from weight to piece concept.

Insight from the focus group: “All these instructions are very boring, I don’t look at the end.”

Idea: We analyzed that most often instructions are given in a very cold unemotional manner. People do not watch them until the end, getting only basic information at the beginning.

The new baggage policy and changes are always painful for flying people and as a result, many negative comments appear. We decided to make instruction while telling a cute small story, how mother found a note from her child in a purse asking her to bring a gift.

According to the rules of the new baggage policy, a second bag, or an additional item more than hand luggage is checked in and paid separately. In the video, this problem is solved by a large toy, which must be paid for and checked into baggage.

We used the style of the chamber lullaby, in which the text is heard in an unobtrusive but informative form and is present on the frames as key hooks.

Result: people accepted the information warmly, we reduced the level of negative comments from changes due to the emotionality of the advertising announcement campaign.

At the same time, we comprehensively delivered key messages in the video, adding information about the free transportation of prams, which is a sensitive issue for families and mothers traveling with children. Due to this, we have reduced the number of clarifying questions through our communication channels.