Past and present collaboration



Рабочая группа

Head of Marketing:
Zamira Chorshanbieva

Art Director:
Jamshed Ayubjonov

Nazira Nosirova, Gulnoza Rozikova, Yosuman Qurbonova, Munira Mirzoeva, Ansora Irkaeva

Daler Odinaev, Ulugbek Khalilov, Parviz Tursunov

Graphic Designer:
Furqat Odinaev, Khurshed Shermatov, Zarrina Zulunova, Manuchehr Rajabov, Timur Shapirov, Bakhtiyor Homidov

Makhfirat Toirova, Kamilla Ergasheva

Digital Manager:
Shavkat Aliberdiev


To encourage electronic payments, the majority of working people in Tajikistan receive salaries on their payment cards. But being afraid someone will steal their money, people withdraw cash immediately.

By advertising our mobile app alif mobi, we had a task to attract more people to use electronic payments for their daily transactions.

People often wait in long lines to withdraw money and sometimes ATMs stop working or do not dispense money at all.

Since our audience is 18-60 years old, we decided to make an unusual video based on a fragment from the 1957 film "I Met a Girl" that is very popular among older and young people, as it is often on TV —

In one go we shot all the video, using the part of the cleaner's musical performance, wrote a verse that matched with the music, ordered a backing track and voiceover. All the actors were our colleagues, except for the protagonist who was similar to the movie actor.

In the video we mostly referred to card withdrawals, online payments, cashback, money transfers, and 5 somoni bonus for card attachment, highlighting that not only Alif's Korti milli cards can be linked to alif mobi, but also cards issued by any bank.

We posted the video on April 20th, 2021 that has been reached by 859 600 people and received 1 161 637 views on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube posts, and stories. Together with these results and placing video on the top national TV and radio channels, we boosted cards attachments to alif mobi app up to 157% during the period from April to May.

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