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Рабочая группа

Product Manager: Nuriddin Ishonkulov
UX/UI Designer: Shavcat Sharipov, Bakhtiyor Kurbonov, Usmon Sulaymonov
Copywriter: Gulnoza Rozikova, Nazira Nosirova


In a country with slow internet speeds and poor financial literacy, it is difficult to promote financial technologies among the population. Weak Internet, lack of experience in using mobile applications other than social networks apps and the fact that only 20% of the population possess a bank card with 90% of cards operations being cash out create serious barriers.

Alif, a digital banking challenger, founded in Tajikistan, is a buy-now-pay-later and mobile-first disruptor in retail banking, offering a banking app with no-fee mobile payments, remittances, and consumer financing that customers can manage with their iOS and Android devices. Alif was the first online-only financial institution, or neobank, to establish an islamic finance banking platform within the existing banking rules and regulations in Tajikistan back in 2014, and in Uzbekistan in 2019. Over the past seven years Alif Bank has developed into one of the leading fintechs in Central Asia, expanding from its base in Tajikistan to offer services in Uzbekistan and beyond.

The Situation:
In 2018, we designed a mobile app that lasted a long time. But the further we went - the more complicated it got. Some transactions required many clicks and "falling" deep into the app each time. It was difficult to make the app multilingual to adapt it for different countries with different currencies. The history of transactions occupied half of the main screen, and the box arrangement of functions did not allow adding new features quickly and painlessly. At the same time, the app had a huge audience of active users and was the most common means of making payments online.

Completely redesign the app, emphasizing:
1. The speed and convenience of transactions.
2. Adapting to different languages, currencies and countries
3. Using modern design standards
4. Possibility to add completely new directions in the future without losing the convenience of current ones

After analyzing the data, we realized that the vast majority of the current audience actively uses payments, transfers and QR-payments. Also, users had to visit card section to view their balance, where they faced uncomfortably small buttons. It was decided to make the main screen in the format of the ribbon, where the most popular services would be located, including the display of linked cards with their balances and the ability to add new functions in the ribbon. So the application displays the necessary functions in the beginning depending on the country of the user.

Achieved results:
1. Responsive interface for 4 languages, displaying balances in the desired currency and the ability to launch the app in the neighboring market - the Republic of Uzbekistan.
2. Making all popular transactions in 2-3 clicks instead of 5.
3. Separate adapted feed for each country and user category with an opportunity to add new functions.
4. Ability to share the app's main features, advantageous offers, news and promotions through stories.

The Bank currently has 450,000 customers in Tajikistan and 250,000 in Uzbekistan. The Alif’s super app, alifmobi, can serve several countries and carries all Alif’s products, including investment, deposit, and peer-to-peer payments. The other substantial part of the business is payment processing, which links to third party gateways.

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