The Central Asian Cultural Heritage Observatory “Alerte Héritage”

Рабочая группа

Creative Director - Rustam Makhamadjanov
Managers - Malika Isakova, Liliya Shaikhutdinova
Designers - Rustam Kalibaev, Aleksey Petrikov, Sabina Shernazarova
Copywriter - Elena Ochilova
Video - Danir Salikhov


Over the years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, more than 120 architectural monuments have been demolished, lost and reconstructed. One of the problems is that people do not understand the value of architectural and historical monuments.

In the project "Unavailable Story", we want to show historical facts about the value of architectural monuments through stories and posts. All the mechanics can be seen in the video case

With a limited budget ($ 100), we received a great support among the audience, opinion leaders (Aziza Umarova, Nikita Makarenko, Kirill Altman, Vlad Zamanov). Telegram channels and Facebook groups posted about us (Ташкент Вокруг, Город говорит, Ташкент СНОС, Дом 45 and etc). Thanks to the activity of the Alerte Héritage observatory, it became possible to save the House of Cinema named after Alisher Navoi from the complete loss of the external historical appearance