Рабочая группа

Head of Marketing:
Zamira Chorshanbieva

Art Director:
Jamshed Ayubjonov

Nazira Nosirova, Gulnoza Rozikova, Yosuman Qurbonova, Munira Mirzoeva, Ansora Irkaeva

Daler Odinaev, Ulugbek Khalilov, Parviz Tursunov

Graphic Designer:
Furqat Odinaev, Khurshed Shermatov, Zarrina Zulunova, Manuchehr Rajabov, Timur Shapirov, Bakhtiyor Homidov

Makhfirat Toirova, Kamilla Ergasheva

Digital Manager:
Shavkat Aliberdiev


The challenge:
We had a task to make a congratulatory post for the Victory Day holiday.

The aim was to shoot an emotional patriotic video that will give goosebumps to anyone who is not indifferent to the Great Patriotic War. In the video a World War II veteran sits beside the eternal flame and imagines how he is gathered with friends and celebrating the victory, after 1945.

Within 2 days we brainstormed, found clothes and shot a video starring with our colleagues in the Victory Park of Dushanbe with the message that as long as we remember our veterans, they will stay among us. Even though 76 years have passed, we remember our heroes. These are the people who risked their lives to fight for peace, and from generation to generation, we should remember and appreciate their exploits.

Posted on 9.05.2021

We published the video on our pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. It has been reached by 120 325 people and received 141 345 views.