Knauf Uzbekistan

Рабочая группа

Client Service: Elina Ibragimova, Yuliya Jukova
Art-direction: Temur Sadi & Zokir Khalmatov
Design: Temur Sadi, Zokir Khalmatov, Mansur Nabiev, Doniyor Isamitdinov, Murat Risbikov


Me’mor is an architectural contest held in the capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. We were asked to create a new identity for this award.
The main subject of Me'mor 21 was "Sustainable architecture. Urban development that is conscious."
Being Central Asian landmark, "Seismic Modernism" became our main source of inspiration. This is especially relevant in Uzbekistan, where earthquakes and minor vibrations is our routine.
If we are looking for a new architectural heritage — it’s definitely this style, which gains its popularity in recent days. The real symbol of "sustainable architecture.”
We have picked the most iconic buildings of seismic modernism and used the patterns of facade decoration as the base for the new me’mor identity.