Рабочая группа

Strategic Department:
Alua Imangazi
Aziza Muminova

Creative Department:
Samar Takvim Akhmad
Alexandra Demchenko
Sayyidbek Nazrillayev
Shakhzod Saliev
Viktoriya Sharafutdinova
Vitaliy Khalzunov
Ilkham Kerimov
Andrey Kornienko

Accounting Department:
Nargiz Kamalova
Christina Salnikova

Sintez Studio


Payment applications, as well as their advertising, practically do not differ from each other — they all talk about "convenience", "speed", "cashback" and "security", but not everyone can show the real advantages of the product to the people through strong, memorable advertising.


For OSON, we decided to change this situation and entered the market with an emotional brand manifesto that reveals the key value of the OSON application — the ability to expand borders and remove prohibitions: because with OSON, you can connect to any payment system, make international transfers and work even without a bank card. The life of Uzbek people consists of many limitations, but we believe that there are no really unbreakable prohibitions for people.


During the campaign, the number of downloads increased by 30%, and the activity of users increased by 10%.
The media coverage was more than 15 million people.
And, moreover, there were more than 65 thousand reactions and comments from folks with the message "finally someone started talking about our problems".