Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible


Kapital Bank

Рабочая группа

Project Director: Farhad Shabanov
Creative Director: Orkhan Kerimov
Art Director: Gulnar Rahimzade
Copywriter: Tarlan Mammadli
Account Manager: Ulviyya Bashirova
Digital Group Head: Mushfig Shiraliyev
Producer: Rashad Karimli
Director: Elkhan Jafarov
Director Of Photography: Ruslan Aghazadeh
Photographer: Toghrul Gurbanov
Editing: Khanlar Agayev
Color Grading: Vusal Rustamov



People with Down syndrome, also known as "sunny children," are still not fully integrated into society. Today, the world knows many people with Down syndrome who have achieved success in various fields, especially arts. In Azerbaijan, people with this syndrome still live in isolation from society. This situation shows that the problem lies in the point of view of society.


We decided to demonstrate that people with Down syndrome can become full members of society by filming a commercial about a conductor with Down syndrome. During the final shot, the commercial's tagline makes people think again about their taboo thoughts "There is something wrong with the way we see…Not who we see". The campaign posters were creatively placed on the "Nargis" magazine pages. Readers could see the conductor on one side of the page and then discover he is a person with Down syndrome turned it.


After the main idea was brought to society's attention, it was necessary to propose a solution that would help people with Down syndrome. The project has had a positive impact on the lives of people with Down syndrome, both morally and financially, and reminded the public that anything is possible with enough attention and care.


Kapital Bank, one of the largest banks in Azerbaijan, in collaboration with Endorphin advertising agency, provided an opportunity for donation to the Red Hearts Charity Foundation through its mobile banking app that has over one million users. As part of the campaign, Kapital Bank and the Red Hearts Charity Foundation have allocated funds to organize training in four areas (drawing, dancing, cooking, patchwork) for children with Down syndrome from low-income families.