Grand Road Tashkent

Рабочая группа

Client Service: Elina Ibragimova
Art-direction: Temur Sadi & Zokir Khalmatov
Design: Temur Sadi, Zokir Khalmatov, Mansur Nabiev, Rovshan Kidryachov, Murat Risbikov


We have created a brutal brand identity for a company that produces everything from rubble to asphalt, from concrete to road tiles. GRT is a construction company which builds the bridges and roads.

The mark is the smallest element of the roadbed. Inspired by the heritage of Soviet Uzbek brutal modernism & the local heat haze of asphalt (the temperature in summer Tashkent reaches to 50°C) we’ve generated different psychedelic brand patterns.

With these patterns, black and white colors we create unique urban camouflage for heavy machinery and brand mediums.