A5 Group

Рабочая группа

Client Service: Elina Ibragimova
Art-direction: Temur Sadi & Zokir Khalmatov
Design: Temur Sadi, Zokir Khalmatov, Mansur Nabiev, Doniyor Isamitdinov, Murat Risbikov, Anastasia Kim, Svetlana Sarjan


A5 Group is a pharmacy company in Uzbekistan. It has a chain of drug stores in Tashkent and a private label of medical products. After losing the franchise of Russian brand, but leaving the trademark in Uzbekistan the company was also using old brand identity. With the changes inside the company it needed to change the brand positioning and its identity.

The company is transforming from a simple drug store to the brand with a personal touch of wellbeing, from selling to consultancy. The brand claims to be your personal healthcare consultant.

The brand identity has now simple, yet understandable look. We have created a unique graphic language, that show the essence of the products: What it is, what for & why to use it.

The holistic approach based on clarity and simplicity helps to create any brand medium easily.