Don't quarrel

Don't quarrel


IMARAT Progress

Рабочая группа

Head of marketing IMARAT Progress: Nursultan Bakyt
Marketing manager: Zhibek Abysheva

Creative Director: Nursultan Bakyt
Film Director: Manas Ahaldarov
Production: Birtops Creative Agency
Photographer: Islam Baizakov
Digital marketer: Ruslan Mambetov


98% of apartments in Bishkek are handed over to buyers for self-finishing without repair. In the oversaturated real estate market of Kyrgyzstan, there are no offers with a clear advantage, except for location and price. Companies sell their apartments in houses under construction as a cherished dream. As something bright, kind and very cherished.

Altyn Bulak Life - a new residential complex from the Imarat Progress. The advantage of this complex is that all apartments in the complex are handed over to buyers with ready-made repairs.

We decided not to romanticize the purchase of an apartment. Be honest and open. Repairs are always stressful, it is an extra waste of time, nerves, money and not only. We were the first on the market who decided to tell about all the pains that people experience when buying an apartment without a finished repair.

"Don't quarrel” is an advertising campaign where we showed situations that lead to a quarrel. Through a viral video on social networks, in outdoor advertising, OLV video, we showed the characters, situations, their pains and sufferings. We urged people not to quarrel. And live happily in an apartment with a finished repair. We implemented a special project with bloggers in marriage. They told their personal experience of apartment renovation on their pages.

- The viral video - 700,000 organic coverage and more than 10,000 comments
- Total campaign coverage is more than 2 million people. with a population of 6 million people in Kyrgyzstan.
- In 99% of comments on the video, people admitted that OLV video was real and truthful.
- 53% of apartments were sold, 2 lines were opened for sale ahead of their deadlines.