Administration of the Sergeli District

Рабочая группа

Strategic Department:
Alua Imangazi
Aziza Muminova

Creative Department:
Samar Takvim Akhmad
Alexandra Demchenko
Sayyidbek Nazrillayev
Shakhzod Saliev
Viktoriya Sharafutdinova
Vitaliy Khalzunov
Ilkham Kerimov
Andrey Kornienko

Accounting Department:
Nargiz Kamalova
Christina Salnikova



Sergeli is an industrial district in Tashkent with a bad reputation. It is a so-called gray area that has no joy, urban conditions, and even good roads. The new Mayor of the district decides to change this attitude with branding.

But if we look in the past, Sergeli was useful to people, especially after the earthquake in 1966th, when it became a shelter for people who came to it from all over the USSR to rebuild the city. And nowadays it has the largest number of industries and factories that provide products for the whole country.


Instead of a logo, we decided to make a useful branding in order to return the status to Sergeli, as a useful area, which he really is. Therefore, we made trash cans, benches, playgrounds, which became the branding of the district, with the identification label "Made in Sergeli".


The concept of useful branding was approved by the Mayor of the district and then by the President of Uzbekistan. 7 out of 30 neighborhoods of Sergeli have already been enabled by branding objects. The idea was supported by Sergeli production factories, having decided to produce products marked with the label "Made in Sergeli".