Asl Baraka

Рабочая группа

Strategic Department:
Alua Imangazi
Aziza Muminova

Creative Department:
Samar Takvim Akhmad
Alexandra Demchenko
Sayyidbek Nazrillayev
Shakhzod Saliev
Viktoriya Sharafutdinova
Vitaliy Khalzunov
Ilkham Kerimov
Andrey Kornienko

Accounting Department:
Nargiz Kamalova
Christina Salnikova




Most brands of sausages in Uzbekistan present their product as something luxurious or premium. In advertising, they show perfect slices of sausage for breakfast and holidays and people that are just so happy eating this product.


To declare honestly in advertising that sausage is just an ordinary inexpensive product, that helps to eat quickly and delicious. And this is the product that ordinary hard workers eat. This is just a sausage for ordinary people, and nothing more.

Sales increased by 28%.
The Asl Baraka brand continues to work in the same strategy and talk about ordinary hard workers, with average incomes, who is really the audience that eats sausages.